Oh what a difference!

Things are looking great down at our Nature Play Space at Vlamingh. Look at what has happened!

Wrapping up 2019

Best wishes for a Happy Christmas to all our volunteers and supporters. It’s been another full Coastcaring year where volunteers contributed 2,196 hours to the natural environment of our town.

Cottesloe Outdoor Film Festival 2018

The second year of the wonderful Cottesloe Outdoor film Festival was another great success, for CCA too! The Cottesloe Civic Centre lawns is a fabulous venue and the perfect place to watch the sunset with a picnic or with a good pizza, made to order. There was live music, a good coffee spot, a drinks bar and a great community atmosphere each night. On two nights the tickets were sold out.

Our coastal reptiles

On Sunday 11th February we had a fascinating presentation from Emeritus Professor Don Bradshaw. Professor Bradshaw held the Chair of Zoology at UWA from 1976 until 2005 and is now a Senior Honorary Research Fellow.

Looking for a uniquely Cottesloe gift?

If you are looking for a uniquely Cottesloe gift for Christmas, Cottesloe Coastcare has just the thing! Our limited edition tea towels feature stunning designs of three of our most attractive local plants and are made of high quality linen.

Thinking globally, acting locally

Thank you to everyone that came along to our beach rubbish collection on Sunday October 15 as part of the Tangaroa Blue 2017 WA Beach Clean Up and in conjunction with the Town of Cottesloe.

Our first pink fairy!

Cottesloe Coastcare volunteers have been hard at work for 21 years to improve Cottesloe’s degraded ‘natural areas’. We are proud of our successes. However, we are a small group so we receive a great boost when corporate teams give us a hand.

4000th plant in!

We had a great team from Conservation Volunteers Australia (CVA) join us on Tuesday to get the last of our 4000 plants in the ground this year. Mike is showing them our “deep hole” planting technique and the team got on with the job with gusto.

Biodiversity day on Cottesloe beach

Sunday 28th May was our ‘nature study morning’ on South Cottesloe beach. Around 100 adults and children gathered for an informal biodiversity survey and a naturalist’s treasure hunt. It was great fun!

Planting for 2017 is well under way

During our 2017 planting season we have 4000 local provenance seedlings to plant at our various CCA sites. Our newest project site has received funding from Coastwest/WA state government for which we are very grateful.

Hidden history

Noongar camps of the western suburbs was the topic of a talk for Coastcare from Denise Cook and Lynette Coomer and it was a full house at The Grove. Denise and Helen’s talk on the camps provided some fascinating insights into a recent but little known piece of local history.