A home for our Ospreys!

Cottesloe Coastcare’s Osprey platform is up! Just next to the Nature Discovery Space opposite the Cable Station in South Cottesloe it has sweeping views of the ocean. A perfect home for our local Osprey family. Thanks to Seb and Pete for the great video above.

Having a safe home for our local Ospreys has been a long held dream for Cottesloe Coastcare. The Osprey’s attempts to raise chicks on a nearby  Norfolk pine have been thwarted each year with strong winds destroying the nest.

In March 2021 we received funding from the  Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions for the construction of the platform and began our research. Osprey expert, Marcus Singor from Birdlife Western Australia provided advice and reviewed our chosen site.  Artificial nest sites and designs from many parts of Australia and around the world were reviewed. It was determined that a galvanized steel pole was the best solution given it was situated next to a well used pathway. To establish the best height we flew a drone at the site to visualise various nest heights and 12 metres was the height chosen.  This allowed for  good viewing for the public from a nearby lookout point while providing sufficient protection.

We were fortunate to have two  dedicated engineers Peter Ewing and Matt Davis who navigated the technical and bureaucratic challenges that came along. They were supported and encouraged by Robyn and Mike, the other members of Team Osprey.

Their efforts all came to fruition this week when the truck arrived with the 12 metre pole. Before that the steel basket that formed the base of the nest had arrived and been carefully lined with branches creating an inviting nesting space.  The finishing touch was a web cam which will be activated when the ospreys arrive. Nesting season has finished for this year but we hope they will check it out for next year.

And to find our more about our local Ospreys this video Osprey Optics by Gary Tate is well worth a watch.

To see a slide show click on an image below.