Community Impact, Management & Mapping of Cottesloe’s Natural Areas was the topic of a joint presentation by Mike Ewing our Chair and Rada Tomanovic Principal Environmental Scientist with Syrinx at a statewide coastal conference in April 2023.

Mike spoke about Cottesloe Coastcare’s evolution and impact and our mission to restore vegetation of Cottesloe’s natural areas by 2030 through direct on-ground efforts, our advocacy, and the support of the wider community. He outlined the particular challenges we face in this location, how we have learnt and adapted and the successes we have achieved.

Pearce St below is one of our success stories showing the improvement in the newly planted vegetation after only one year.

Rada spoke about her recent assessment of the condition of the vegetation of Cottesloe natural areas. Rada had assessed the vegetation previously in 2015 and returned in 2022 to see what impact Coastcare and the Town had made over those seven years. Her highly detailed report provided an invaluable insight into the effect of the restoration program over that time. Pleasingly she reported:

  • Improvements made to 4.2 ha or 22% of the overall natural areas
  • Weed cover – reduction in the priority weed extent and cover (e.g. Coastal Teatree and Sea Spinach, Marram Grass)
  • Progress in improvements to infrastructure

Rada’s report will provide an excellent resource to guide Coastcare and the Town of Cottesloe in their work in the natural areas in the future.

And Rada’s detailed mapping of the Grant St dunes below shows  2016 before and 2022 after and the significant improvement in the condition of the vegetation. (Hint: move the slider bar in the middle,  left and right to see the changes)

2016 Grant St dunes 2022 Grant St dunes

Mike and Rada spoke at the statewide Waves of Wisdom event co-hosted by our partners Perth NRM in April 2023. Their presentations are online here. You can read a full report of the event here.

The original 2008 Natural Areas Management Plan and the 2015 Addendum by Syrinx can be found here.