Old jetty or wooden groyne?

Our award winning Nature Discovery Space in South Cottesloe has a fantastic new entry statement which brings a bit of history back to life.  The timbers  were salvaged in 2020 from the beach at Cottesloe. They are the remains of a timber groyne built in 1948 that sat below the old jetty.  Erosion of the beach has always been a problem at Cottesloe and the groyne was installed to try and prevent this. It didn’t work! When the old 1906  jetty was blown up in 1952  the timber groyne remained and could be seen when the sand receded.

The entrance was the inspiration of Valdene with support from Martin and Peter E, our resident engineer. Reg, Rob and Joel from the Town’s depot staff did an amazing job installing the timbers.  Thank you to all – a great outcome on all fronts!

And here is the story…….

Before 1952.  This picture is from the 1953 Kempin report on beach sand movements showing the jetty before it was blown up in 1952!

After 1952. The beach after the jetty was blown up in 1952 and before 1982 when the old Centenary Pavilion was demolished.

2018. Timbers still there!