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Event Calendar 2023 

Events proposed for 2023 are listed below.  Changes may occur closer to the time. Confirmed  dates and locations are posted on our Home page and Facebook Page closer to the time.

Handbook. Version 1 November 2021

  • Our handbook is a guide to our operations and an aid for planning working bees. It’s here.
DateWho (Coordinator = first person named)Event
January 8 SundayMike E and Frauke 1st Sunday Working Bee
February 5 SundayJuliet and Valdene1st Sunday Working Bee
March 5 Sunday
Mike G and Martin1st Sunday Working Bee
March 24 FridayValdene and Juliet, PNRMAdopt a Beach
April 2 SundayRobyn and Sue1st Sunday Working Bee
April 28 Friday 1.30 – 2.45Marion E, Valdene, Mike G Schools CCGS
May 7 Sunday
Valdene and Juliet1st Sunday Working Bee
May 30 Tuesday
3.30- 4.45
Marion E, Mike E, Marian L, Paul, ValdeneSchools CBC
?June 4 or 11 SundayMartin and Russell1st Sunday Working Bee/National Tree Planting Day?
June 7 FridayValdene, Juliet, Mike E, PNRMAdopt a Beach
?June 12-16Mike ECVA/ Corporate group TBA
June 23 Friday 1.30 – 2.45Valdene, Belinda, Marian LimSchools CCGS
July 2 Sunday
August 4 Friday 1.30 – 2.45Robyn, Paul, Marian LimSchools CCGS
August 6 Sunday1st Sunday Working Bee
August 8 Tuesday
3.30- 4.45
Valdene, Mike ESchools CBC
August 17 ThursdayValdene and Juliet, PNRMAdopt a Beach
?August 21-25RobynCVA/ Corporate group TBA
September 3 Sunday1st Sunday Working Bee
September 5 Tuesday
3.30- 4.45
Robyn, Marian LSchools CBC
September 15 Friday 1.30 – 2.45Chilla, Martin, PaulSchools CCGS
October 1 Sunday1st Sunday Working Bee
October 13 Friday 1.30 – 2.45Martin, Marian L, Marion E Schools CCGS
October 26 Thursday Valdene and Juliet, PNRMAdopt a Beach
November 5 Sunday1st Sunday Working Bee
November 7 Tuesday
3.30- 4.45
Mike E, ChillaSchools CBC
December 3 Sunday1st Sunday Working Bee