Protecting Grant Marine Park

A skate park is proposed in Grant Marine Park but we think this is the wrong location. The park is a quiet relaxing space much loved by young and old. We believe there are much better sites for a skate park than jamming it in a small space with two other playgrounds.

We care a great deal about the natural space in the park. Cottesloe Coastcare volunteers have worked here for 15 years. The photos below show how we have transformed it.

We worry about increasing damage to the fragile, natural vegetation. Even small islands of natural vegetation are critical for the survival of local birds and animals. And natural spaces are increasingly important for everyone’s health and well being.

We think that John Black Dune Park is a better location for a skate park. It is a central site, with plenty of room for a well designed skate park. The area is degraded now but could be attractively landscaped to minimise noise impacts. You can read our full submission here.

Before 2003

After 2020