Fantastic News!

Reptiles and Rushes seminar

Our coastal reptiles

On Sunday 11th February we had a fascinating presentation from Emeritus Professor Don Bradshaw. Professor Bradshaw held the Chair of Zoology at UWA from 1976 until 2005 and is now a Senior Honorary Research Fellow.

Blue banded bees (and cuckoo bees!!)

When CCA volunteers did some weeding near Vlamingh Memorial just before Christmas, Frauke and I watched some blue banded bees on Melaleuca huegellii (chenille honeymyrtle) and on Frankenia pauciflora (sea heath).

Finding pellitory

After Robyn’s post on native pellitory and butterflies Martin asked if it was possible to get native pellitory seed.

Yellow Admiral butterflies have arrived!

2011 has been a great year for Yellow Admiral butterflies in Cottesloe. In May 2009, with help from Robert Powell, I sewed seed of a local annual – Native Pellitory (Parietaria debilis) at Cottesloe Native Garden