Sunday 4th Dec. Working Bee

Sunday 4th December: 8 am – 10 am working bee.

Meeting place: the foreshore at the end of Pearse St, South Cottesloe.
Jobs: mulch to lay and hand weeding.
Our green flag will be flying.
All tools and gloves provided plus morning tea to share around 9 am.
If needed on the day – ring Juliet: 0450032700

November working bee

Lots of weeds to pull. All equipment provided and morning tea at 10am.

Sunday Working Bee

The next working bee is Sunday 2nd October 9 am – 11 am
We’ll be weeding at our unique Vlamingh Nature Discovery Space.
Our green flag will be flying.
We will have tools and gloves.
There will be morning tea to share around 10 am.

Sunday morning working bee

Sunday morning working bee

September 4th: 9 am – 11 am
Where: dunes opposite Grant Marine Park
Job: Hand weeding around 2000 recently planted seedlings
All tools, guidance and gloves provided.
There’s Morning tea to share.
For information on the day – Sue +614 2132 9230

Sunday Working Bee

We’ll be weeding at the Nature Discovery Space in South Cottesloe next to the Vlamingh Memorial.

All tools provided and morning tea too!

Annual General Meeting

Please join us at the AGM for an update on another good year. More details here.


Sunday Working Bee

Sunday July 3 working bee

When: 9am – 11am
Where: Meet at beach ramp CT 39 – half way between Salvado & Rosendo Sts
CCA’s Green Flag will be flying
Jobs (2 teams): Weeding and applying mulch
                             Beach rubbish collection – an ideal job for family groups.
All tools and gloves on hand plus morning tea to share.

Sunday Working Bee

Working bee on Sunday 5th June: 9am – 11.30am.
Planting seedlings on dunes in South Cottesloe,
immediately north and south of Beach Path CT37.
Meet at the end of Deane Street, on Marine Parade. You’ll see our green flag.
All tools available. Bring your own clean gloves if you wish.
There’s morning tea to share.
If you need a contact on the day – Valdene: 0417 845 295

Sunday Working Bee

Sunday 1st May

Working bee from 8am – 10am

Meet at Grant Marine Park, corner of Grant and Marine Parade
Jobs – weeding and spreading mulch ready for planting soon.
Tools, gloves and morning tea on hand.
Everyone is welcome.

Sunday Working Bee 3rd April

Sunday 3rd April 8am – 10am

CCA working bee at Grant Marine Park and on the dunes opposite.
Some weeding to do, odd jobs plus mulch to move. We have tools, gloves and wheelbarrow.
There’s a good morning tea to share. Park off Grant St, near Marine Parade corner.

The next Sunday session

The next Sunday session:
March 6th – 8am – 10am

Meet at the beach end of Rosendo Street, Sth Cottesloe.
A hand weeding and hand watering working bee.
All tools and gloves provided. Our green flag will be flying.
There’s Morning tea to share.
For information on the day Mike: 0409116750

Sunday Working Bee

Sunday 6th February 8am – 10am

Where: The foreshore end of Salvado Street.

Jobs: Watering seedlings and weeding area for winter planting.

Gear: All tools and gloves provided, bring your own clean gloves if you wish.

Morning tea will be provided.