Summer Sessions Summary

It has been long and hot summer but as you can see from the photos, Cottesloe Coastcare volunteers keep busy. There is seed to collect – some big seed heads such as the Spinifex longifolius are not difficult to gather but as you can see in the photo of the Conostylis candicans  that their seeds are very tiny indeed.

Kate Sputore wins prestigious Landcare award

Congratulations Kate! Cottesloe Coastcare volunteers join other northern suburbs Coastal volunteers who work under Kate Sputore’s ‘wing’  to congratulate her on the Landcare award she received this week.

Two more great teams of PwC planters

Many thanks to Chez Scalise for this blog post and to all the great team from PwC. For some volunteers from the PwC team, we were returning to back to the same site where we helped the incredible team at the Cottesloe Coastcare Association, and for others it was a new opportunity to help the Association in their mission to preserve the local ecosystem.

Coastcare Symposium September 2012

Mike recently attended a symposium at Curtin University on Coastal Planning and Management in WA.

A great weeding team – Year 7’s from John XX111

In mid- August Cottesloe Coastcare had a bus load of enthusiastic helpers from John XX111.

V day for UWA students

A group of UWA students gave their time to Cottesloe Coastcare as their volunteer commitment. We are in the middle of our annual planting effort so we really appreciated the group’s enthusiasm and excellent work.

CCA & UWA students join forces

UWA Student’s and Cottesloe Coastcare ioin Forces on the 21st of February. Residents from the University of Western Australia’s Trinity College joined with volunteers from the Cottesloe Coastcare Association and Coastcare officers Kate and Sharon to carry out rehabilitation works at Vlamingh Memorial in Cottesloe.

It’s planting time for 2011

We are well under way with our planting for 2011. You can see in the photos that on Friday 21st May the wet weather and strong wind did not deter a great team of enthusiastic and expert volunteers.

The watering team from Hale

On Friday morning 18 March I spent two delightful hours with volunteers from Coastcare, twenty five Year 6 boys from Hale School along with a couple of teachers and parents.

Trinity triumphs – again!

Earlier this week CCA volunteers were very pleased that a team from UWA’s Trinity Residential College gave us a hand. Tiny seedlings planted at Vlamingh 8 months ago are growing well despite this long hot and very dry summer.