Our super new hole digging auger

Planting has just become so much easier with our new Mark 2 hole digging auger.

Oh what a difference!

Things are looking great down at our Nature Play Space at Vlamingh. Look at what has happened!

Wrapping up 2019

Best wishes for a Happy Christmas to all our volunteers and supporters. It’s been another full Coastcaring year where volunteers contributed 2,196 hours to the natural environment of our town.

A prickly good news story

Spinifex longifolius (Beach Spinifex) is our most important primary dune sand stabilising plant. It’s spreading root network helps hold the sand and protects the dunes during winter storms.

Terrific Tree Day

Sunday was National Tree Day and we had a terrific turnout at Vlamingh. More than 50 people helped us plant over 700 plants in our new nature discovery space.

Nature Discovery at Cottesloe

We know that many city children have little exposure to their natural world. So CCA volunteers are very excited about our involvement in a restoration project on the north side of Vlamingh Memorial.

Our excellent new auger

Hole digging the Cottesloe Coastcare way! For over 20 years we have  worked on the best survival rates for seedlings. In our mostly steep, very exposed dune conditions we find that digging big bowl shaped holes gives the best results.

This is a grasstree!

I came across this amazing photo from 1910, taken near Boyup Brook and published in a book by Helen Hack, The Mystery of the Mayanup Poltergeist.